Meet Alison

In My Home, I Have...

A painting of the house I grew up in.
Granny's muffin tin.
Mom's handmade pot holders.
My kids' art.
Way too many cookbooks.

Fun Facts About Me

I wear socks with Birkenstocks and I am cool with that.

I play guitar and sing to my kids every night for bedtime.

Giving Back

I am the Co-Founder of 100 Women Who Care Calgary, which raises money for local charities in a simple and powerful way. As of our 5 year anniversary, we've raised over $460,000 to date.

I'm Obsessed With...

Books and music from my childhood. I LOVE it when my kids sing along to Stan Rogers’ Northwest Passage or read A.A. Milne poems. Total MOM WIN!

I Miss

Phone calls with Granny.
Cards with Anne.
All the time with my kids that has already passed.

Photography Cred

I'm an Accredited and Award-winning Member of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Me and My Family

What My clients' Say about their Day in the Life Experience

“I would say it was really cool. Refreshing really, to not have to have my phone out all the time taking pics and trying to capture it. Just living in the moment and spending time with the kids. Still get the pictures, but it will be cool to see us in them instead of being behind the phone.  It’s def what this whole experience with Maren’s illness has become. Put down your phone, stop the busy and just play.” – Cathy
“My favourite part was just how comfortable it was just having you around like just friends hanging out, while you still captured moments of our everyday life that are so special and now we’ll get to remember them forever and the kids will too.” – Kristen  
“I have recommended you to all my friends. Hahahah. I think the experience of looking through your life as an art is inspiring in itself. By just living, you’re doing something so beautiful. So why not have a picture of two of it? Anyways. Thank you for a weird, amazing and beautiful experience.” – Tasha 

Why Documentary?

In a world where everything seems to be ‘retouched’ to so-called perfection, don’t you sometimes crave something honest?  
My style of photographing people is connected, artistic and authentic.  
Your family is unique, so why would you want generic family pictures?  
Does it interest you to view your everyday life as art?  
Together we can preserve these fleeting details of parenthood, for yours and your kids’ future.
Tangible photographs that illustrate your real life.
Happy, confident kids know that they are one-of-a-kind-AWESOME just as they are.
AND, oh yeah, it’s the easiest photography session you will ever have.
Interested? Have questions? 
Hit the ‘Contact Alison’ button below. I can’t wait to hear all about you and your family!

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