Alison Lapczuk | Calgary Documentary Family Photographer

mother snuggles with her 6 week old baby girl in candlelight

Your real life.  Unscripted.

1-year old crawling at home


Everyday moments are treasures worth keeping.

mom reaches for toddler's hand as they walk down a Toronto street

Don’t you wish you could slow it all down?

big kid and little kid at an open fridge

They grow up so fast.

mom counting little piggy toes of her son after a bath, black and white

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Just as there is a ‘first time’ for everything, there is also a ‘last time’. 

mother and small son swinging their hair

It’s your life.  Get in the picture.

Testimonial that reads "there are so many last things in life. i want to capture them all now." - Tammy A.
testimonial that reads "Alison is a master at storytelling through images". -Lecia B.
Testimonial that reads: "I would tell people that this session is a gift that will never stop giving". -Kristyn H.
winter alisonlapczuk profile

Hi! I'm Alison. I'm based in Calgary, Alberta.
I photograph families because it's my favourite thing to do. When I need a break, I photograph landscapes. My other favourite thing!
I love giving families the pictures that they really want.
The pictures that are totally THEM.
Every family has a story and their own little traditions that are changing all the time. Pictures of real life is fascinating and unique, and stunningly beautiful. You don't know what you're missing! There's nothing better than REAL LIFE.

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