Alison Lapczuk | Calgary Documentary Family Photographer

Why Documentary?…Because there’s nothing better than real life.


Your everyday family moments are treasures that your future selves will long for.

Testimonial that reads "there are so many last things in life. i want to capture them all now." - Tammy A.
testimonial that reads "Alison is a master at storytelling through images". -Lecia B.
Testimonial that reads: "I would tell people that this session is a gift that will never stop giving". -Kristyn H.
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Hey, I'm Alison. I live and work in Calgary, Alberta.
I started in Fine Art Landscapes and landed in Day in the Life (Documentary) Family Photography.
I'd love to be the one who shows you just how lovely your real, everyday life is. These are the pictures that I longed for myself, so that's why I photograph this way. It's raw, honest and meaningful.
You should have real pictures of your life right now. It's worth it.

Your future self and your kids' future selves will thank you.

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