Real Moments.  Unscripted.

mother and baby share a moment

Sometimes our most treasured memories are the daily routines and rituals.

They happen every day… until…

mom reaches for toddler's hand as they walk down a Toronto street

… she no longer reaches for your hand…

… he no longer needs you to kiss his boo boos…

big kid and little kid at an open fridge

Why do we suddenly feel the need to change ourselves for the camera?

Do you love your family, your life?

That’s the good stuff.

mom counting little piggy toes of her son after a bath, black and white

It’s your story.

Get in the picture.

"I would tell people that this session is a gift that will never stop giving."
mom tickles younger son as older brother holds him
Kristyn Honey
Mom of 2
"There are so many 'last things' in life and I want to capture them all now..."
mom and baby snuggle
Tammy Anderson
Mom of 3
"She captured some really special moments that could never have been seen otherwise."
mom hugging her son goodnight
Alison Gaffney
Mom of 1

I'm Alison:)  I'm a documentary family photographer based in Calgary, Alberta.  

If you feel like something has been missing from your family photographs, it just might be authenticity.  

I specialize in creating beautiful storytelling images of real family life.  I believe in preserving family history.  It's not about perfection.  It's about real life.  Real life is MORE INTERESTING - I promise you.  

Families hire me so that they can have memory-invoking photographs, professionally finished, in their hands and on their walls.  If that sounds like you, please get in touch!

© Alison Lapczuk 2018