Real Life.

Alison Lapczuk | Calgary Documentary Family Photographer

Photographing Real Families and their Real Lives. 

 Pictures for You, Not for The Jones’s

"I would tell people that this is a gift that will never stop giving." - Kristyn

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Unapologetically YOU​

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Family Photography Sessions

toddler and baby brothers having fun in the bathtub


For down-to-earth, loving parents who are Bold & Brave and who simply want to soak up this special family time and keep it forever.

This is what I am known for: capturing honest, meaningful photographs of everyday family life.  Full / Half Day Sessions.


documentary portrait


For families who want to give this documentary-style a try on for size – get a taste with this session.


Choose from documentary portrait sessions (casual portraits included)  or straight up documentary photography session as short as 1 hour. 


dog shaking off river water


For dog-lovers.

Fur babies totally count as kids (in my books). I love to document the special bond that comes with having a dog in the family. 

They are only with us a short, but special time!

Meet Alison

This is me. In my PJ’s (in my “MiniVan MegaFun” t-shirt) and my kid’s feet in my face. This is my life and I want to remember the little things like this moment, in this house.
If you’re like me, and this is what you value more than anything, then you’re in the right place.
This is called Documentary Family Photography.
Have a browse, see if you like what you see and get in touch! I can’t wait to hear all about you and your family.​

alison lapczuk
Photo by Jenna Shouldice

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