• You should NOT have to beg and bribe your husband
  • You do NOT have hold hands and leap through a field.
  • You do NOT need to wear matching outfits.
  • You should NOT be disappointed with pictures that just aren’t you.  

There is an alternative.  

It’s stress-free, totally unique and I promise that you will love what you get.  

This is storytelling photography. And it’s perfect for families.

Documentary Family Photography

Let’s document the good stuff.

The stuff you’re gonna miss the most when it’s gone.

mother and baby share a moment

Sometimes our most treasured memories are the daily routines and rituals.

They happen every day… until…

mom reaches for toddler's hand as they walk down a Toronto street

One day she no longer reaches for your hand…

One day he stops letting you kiss him at the bus stop…

big kid and little kid at an open fridge

Why do we suddenly feel the need to be someone else for the camera?

Do you love your family, your life?

That’s the good stuff.

mom counting little piggy toes of her son after a bath, black and white

It’s your story.

Get in the picture.

What Clients Are Saying

"I would tell people that this session is a gift that will never stop giving."
mom hanging out with her father-in-law at the park
Mom of 2
"...There are so many “last things” in life and I want to capture them all now..."
mom and baby snuggle
Mom of 3
"...These pictures will be a priceless, beautiful reminder of what our lives were like at this point in time."
mother kisses her newborn baby girl
Mom of 1
"... She captured some really special moments that could never have been seen otherwise."
mom hugging her son goodnight
Mom of 1
"Alison is extremely warm and approachable at the same time... I highly recommend her!"
Japie and his dog, Nelson
Dad of 1

Choose Your Session

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Alison Lapczuk Photography

Hey, I'm Alison! I document real family life for Calgary families. If you love your family, your life, but hate the idea of fake family photos, then we should definitely talk:) My families are treated to a totally laid-back experience and I professionally finish your family photographs for you.
You will be happy & stress-free, knowing that you've got your family's memories covered.

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