Art Show in Kelowna

Documentary , July 30, 2018

This girl’s bucket list just got shorter.  Come along for a tour of my first real Art Show!


When Shannon Cross, of Shannon Cross Fine Art, asked me to co-exhibit with her in Kelowna, I jumped at the opportunity.  This is something I have longed to do.  (I think that sometimes the universe really is listening;).  Our shared art show took place on July 28th, 2018.


You will not soon find a more gorgeous gallery space than my friend, Shannon’s, house in Kelowna.  And with more than 70 amazing guests, and delicious Quail’s Gate wines for all, this was an exciting and memorable event. 


Mere moments before our guests arrived, I ran around to quickly document our exhibit, so that I could invite YOU to come and see the space!  


This show was a tremendous amount of work to pull off.  I was beaming with pride to see our beautiful art on the walls.  For Shannon, her work is immediately tangible and real, since it’s acrylic paint on canvas.  Her attention to colours and textures is stunning.  For me, my images only enter the physical world after much time is spent in virtual space.  To get my work out of the digital darkroom and out into the physical world, it takes careful attention to colour calibration and the tiniest details.  That’s why I take my time, I work with professional labs and print only on the best materials available.   There is nothing like top-quality prints and, oh my goodness, you should see what my prints look like on Epson hot press cotton rag paper.  SO AMAZING.  I also love to print directly to canvas – not just any canvas.  This is Breathing Color LYVE canvas  stretched onto Canadian, sustainably-sourced wood.  It’s ready to hang and will last beautifully because it’s a top quality product.  I LOVE quality photographic finishings and insist on the best.  


This is what I want all of my clients to enjoy in their home: the best albums & the best wall art. 


I promise that the feeling you get from a photograph that is real, in your hands, physical… is a much richer experience than an image on a screen.  


Because there’s something about REAL PHYSICAL PRINTS that can never be matched. 


Please enjoy the our Art Show Tour!


Allie xo


PS: Go check out Shannon Cross Fine Art.  She is an unbelievably talented artist! 

PPS: Yes, I will finally put up a Fine Art Shop here on my site, so that you can purchase my fine art here soon!

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