Documentary Sessions

“One day, all your children will have is pictures of you.  Make sure you’re in them.  No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, or your body.  They won’t care about any of that.  They’ll just want to see you.” 


– Unknown


Imagine being able to re-live a day in your childhood with your parents…


To see the house you lived in, remember the laughter, and feel that love again…


Let’s create that for your children.

brothers running down a street - black and white photograph.

Let’s capture your kids at play.


Let’s witness the freedom and honesty of childhood.


The chaos, tantrums, sweetness and love.


Let’s capture who they are right now.

sisters playing on bed

Years from now, if your child asks to see her childhood photos, will you gather around the computer to look through thousands of digital files?


Will you still be able to easily access those old files?  


What if you had an album instead?  You simply open it up, and start reminiscing about the old days.

graphi studio family album

Quality that Will Last

Professional quality family albums are a lifetime investment that allow you to revisit your family’s story over and over again.  


You will love the lasting quality that comes with professional albums. They are designed and created to be passed down to the next generation.



If you are reading this, then you are one step closer to having your Day In The Life session!  I am based in Calgary, Alberta, which is the main area that I service.   


When you make the decision to book your Day In The Life session in, you can either click the ‘contact me’ link at the bottom of the page, or give me a call at 403.464.6333.  My name’s Alison, by the way.  We’ll then have a discussion about your awesome family & some of your unique quirks and dynamics, plus I’ll send you a quick questionnaire that helps me know you even better.  A session retainer secures my services for the date and time we select together. 


Like I mentioned, my sessions are pretty casual and relaxed.  Nothing is forced or posed.  Before these sessions, most people have concerns about how to ‘act natural’, but you will find that this quickly becomes a non-issue, especially with the longer sessions.  The best photographs are made when people are able to relax – nothing gets you there faster than having to just deal with your kids and forget that there’s even a camera there.  A full day will yield a wide range of moments, including the chaos, sweet & quiet moments, tantrums, you name it.  You decide which session length you would like, starting from 4 hours.


We may part ways after your session, but the fun is just beginning.  I treat your family’s photographs like my own.  TRULY.  I take the time to carefully select and edit the photographs that will best tell the story of your family.  About 4-6 weeks later, we will meet for your Reveal & Order session, where you will see your slideshow and all of the images for the first time.  You can decide upon a Collection and any other products you desire at that session.


If you are ready to capture pure & authentic family life, you’ve come to the right place.  My Day In The Life sessions are one of the best investments that you can make for your family.  Family photographs are one of the few purchases that truly increase in value over time.  Day In The Life Sessions are 4/8/12 hours long and the session retainers start at $600 for 4 hours.  This includes a slideshow of artist-selected images.  Printed and digital products sold separately.

"... You capture moments that are seemingly mundane to us... until we see the" Magic "that unravels from your creative eye and passionate heart..."
mom walking in the park with her kids and dog
Mother of 2


I believe in family memories and holding onto them like the precious heirloom that they are.  They are irreplaceable.  You can have photographs that are REAL.  Photographs that tell your story and bring you back to these days that are flying by.  No one else has a story just like yours.  Let’s tell your story.   

Questions?  Want to book?  Either way, it starts with you cliking the Contact Me button.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


I'm Alison:)  I'm a documentary family photographer based in Calgary, Alberta.  

If you feel like something has been missing from your family photographs, it just might be authenticity.  

I specialize in creating beautiful storytelling images of real family life.  I believe in preserving family history.  It's not about perfection.  It's about real life.  Real life is MORE INTERESTING - I promise you.  

Families hire me so that they can have memory-invoking photographs, professionally finished and in their hands.  If that sounds like you, please get in touch!

© Alison Lapczuk 2018