Because your dog is family

Nelson's Story

Nelson's Story

This all started with a personal challenge. As part of my growth as a documentary photographer, I wanted to challenge myself by documenting a family that had NO KIDS, only a dog. What I found is that the love and connection between this couple and their dog was all I needed for my story. Lecia & Japie were at a major turning point in their life: they were pregnant, celebrating 10 years of marriage, and they were planning to move back to South Africa. Everything about their lives was about to change and they realized that they were closing one chapter and opening another. It struck them that they had never gotten around to getting pictures of their family, as it had been, up until now, with just Nelson, their Black Lab.  It also struck them how much they would miss Calgary and especially their beautiful neighbourhood.

I spent 3 hours with this family. They simply went about their day as they normally would: walking the dog, playing catch, going to the Elbow river and coming back home to play music before bed. We did sneak in some portraits, since they were celebrating an anniversary, plus we found this amazing view of Calgary during our walk around their neighbourhood – who could resist? It was just a lovely time and they will forever have this window into their past. It will be something to look back on, years from now. Their daughters will be absolutely mesmerized to see their parents’ previous life, when they look at their album from this dog-umentary session. One day Nelson will be gone, but this story will live on in the photographs from this ordinary day. 

Sam & Finnegan's Story

Sam was given a devastating diagnosis. This young Golden Retriever was suffering from heart failure. You’d never know it to look at him – he is seemingly full of life here in these pictures. But he was destined to live only another 6 months from the time these pictures were taken. 

Knowing that time was not on their side, these doggy-parents took the time to get their own Dog-umentary done. We spent 3 hours together, going for walks, hanging out at home, and eventually brushing teeth and going to bed. Seems like nothing? Not interesting? Boring?

Not to me. And not to this family. 

“I want you to know that your photos mean everything to me and give me solace when I’m sad about Sam.  They are gorgeous and full of energy and remind me of such good times.  Thank you.”

Documentary family photography is for telling your family’s story. It’s a window into your past. It’s seeing your own life in a totally new way.

Do you want this for YOUR family? 

Dog-umentaries, like the ones you see above, are 3 hours in length. 

Shorter dog portrait sessions are also available.  

Session fees start at $195.

Please contact me to inquire further. 

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