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Documentary , October 4, 2018

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I first met Suzanne over the phone.  She was at the gym, baby in tow.  Right away, I really liked her.  Suzanne has a way of putting a person at ease.  I love that I can hear her smile through the phone.  Suzanne was once a National level Bobsleigh athlete.  At the time of our meeting, she was a Mom nearing the end of her mat leave. Suzanne and her husband, Darren, have two adorable little boys, ages 1 and 3.  Here’s what Suzanne had to say about having her life documented:


Maybe it is because I am in a sleepless fog, or I am struggling with my very strong willed toddler but I really want to remember the tender,more quieter moments that happen every day. Those are the magic of our family.


I arrived at the Mondor’s house on a hot and sunny Monday afternoon.  All of them had just returned from a trip to Ontario the night before.  As such, the kids were adjusting to the time difference (ie: they were a little grouchy), their toys were already all over the living room floor, Suzanne was literally walking in with groceries, and Darren would soon be home from work.  


It’s the kind of familiar chaos that any Mom will appreciate.


I love this for two reasons: because it’s real and because I can relate.  Parenthood can be a maelstrom of constant struggles and frustration, and yet we know that ‘the days are long, the years are short’.  Within the mundane, there’s always magic.  Suzanne and Darren totally get it.  I don’t think they’d change a single thing, because they love it all. And because they know that in a few short years, they will  want to reminisce about days just like this one.  Thank you, Suzanne & Darren, for inviting me in to share a day in your life.

You, too, can enjoy a photography session that requires no planning.


I specialize in creating authentic, natural photographs of real family life.   You can spend a beautiful regular day just being your own unique selves. 


I can’t wait to show you how magical an ordinary day can be. 


Don’t put this one off, because your little ones are a-changing by the minute.  


Scroll down to see just a few of my very favourite from the day.  Enjoy!  – Allie

two little boys in a bubble bath photo by alison lapczuk photography
black and white of baby with mom's hair in his mouth. half of baby's face and just mom's smile are showing
grandfather kisses his toddler grandson goodnight in the kitchen
mom's hair flailing wildly while baby laughs
mom kisses baby in dark room where she is about to nurse him
mother and son swinging their hair
Little boy just out of the tub, ready for mom to help him get into pajamas
baby boy laughing, his grandfather's hands hold him up
mother and baby son play with toys and sport their matching dimples
baby crying while having his face cleaned
mother laying on grass, with her baby on her chest and her eyes closed
toddler boy climbs inside freezer door
baby playing on floor covered in toys

Do you wish you had storytelling photographs like this of your family?  


Let’s get started! 


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