5 Reasons You Need Documentary Family Photography

Documentary , February 11, 2019

1. Fill Your Bucket

Our deepest desire is to feel seen, accepted and loved. You love your children. They love you. See yourselves the way they see you and show them they are loved and valued just as they are.

This is what documentary family photography delivers. See the art that is your real life and put it up on your walls for your whole family to enjoy. It’s a way to fill all of your buckets, every day.


2. Time Travel

There is no greater time machine than a printed photograph from your real life. Create tangible memories that will help you to remember more than ‘that day you dressed up for a picture at the park’. Revisit this stage of your life any time you want in the future. Time travel!


3. Be Different

Dare to be different… by being yourselves. Your family is as unique as a fingerprint. The pictures you will get from your documentary session could never be replicated. They are solely yours. A treasure to keep.


4. Be Present

Put your phones away and just play, connect, engage as a family. You’re free to just be present. And be IN the picture. My gift to you.


5. Take it Easy

No need to clear your schedule or shop for new outfits or plan a thing. There’s beauty in every single day. Creating tangible photographs for you from your real life is my specialty. All you need to be is yourselves, and I will produce photographs that you’d run into a burning house for. It’s really that easy.


Bonus Reason

My focus is on you and your family. That means that I listen to you and help you to get exactly what you most desire. Your photographic art will be the best quality that is available in the world, archival and worthy of hanging in an art gallery. Your album is an heirloom to treasure and pass to your children – a cherished keepsake from their childhood that will look at beautiful in 30 years as it does today. I provide full service to my valued clients because it would be unprofessional to do anything less. Your family is everything.

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Do You Want an Experience Like This?

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